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Of course, our estimates are always given to meet your needs and to fit your budget. However, wouldn’t it be nice to see what our specials are ahead of time?

Now until the end of July we are doing carpet cleaning deals, but we are also combining those with duct and tile cleanings also. Even outdoor cleaning! How is your siding looking today?

Duct Cleaning: Is it a Scam?


Today’s Homeowner published an article asking the question HVAC Duct Cleaning: Scam or Worth It?, and Ms. Day makes a few really good points.

  1. Duct cleaning has become a popular service in recent years.
  2. Duct cleaning should also involve a thorough cleaning of the air handler, registers, grilles, fans, motors, housings, and coils of the HVAC system.
  3. There is evidence that cleaning all the parts of the HVAC system makes the machine more efficient.

However, her claim that there is no evidence that having your ducts cleaned improves the air quality of your home… Having your ducts cleaned by a professional company like ours who has specialized equipment to do so is one of the best things you can do for asthmatic or high allergy sufferers.

Duct Cleaning is Worth it.

It’s not a scam. We promise. Cleaning your ductwork is not an every year adventure. It is only advised to do it every 5-7 years based on the area you live in, your cleaning habits, and whether you have smokers, kids, or pets living with you.

If you think about it, your furniture (if it is anything like mine) gets dusty, and I am polishing it once a week. I live in a rural area. I have fields by my home. I have animals and kids in my home. If all the dust is settling on my furniture, it is also settling in my carpet, in my floor vents, and traveling down, down, down to my HVAC equipment too. So, if you need to keep the HVAC equipment clean, you need to keep all roads that lead to it clean too. It only makes sense!

So maybe there is not actual evidence that it helps with your allergies, breathing, or asthma. But it sure seems like it. Ever since I have been cleaning duct work and having mine done, we all breathe better. I used to have an inhaler I used once a day that now I use a few times a week. No, I didn’t just grow out of asthma. I just have less dust floating around my home. I can always tell when it is time to clean because I start to wake up with puffy eyes, a runny nose, and I need my inhaler. Sure enough, if I check my floor vents, I can see the dirt accumulating and it’s time to get the rotobrush down in there.

Knowing if Duct Cleaning is right for you.

It is. It’s right for everyone. Dust comes together like lint in the dryer creating a blanket of fire feeder if you think about it. But here is a few times in life that we recommend you get us in to clean for you:

  1. When you have a new baby coming. You always want to start your baby off with the best care. So why not the best air? You would want to have the ducts cleaned as apart of your nesting.
  2. When you quit smoking. You don’t want the smell of cigarettes in your home if you don’t want to smoke them anymore. Slap on a fresh coat of paint on the walls, then call us. We will do a combination duct and carpet cleaning to get all the tar and toxins out of your home.
  3. Sadly, when someone gets sick. Cancer patients especially need to focus on keeping the house clean. As well as anyone on oxygen. If you’re using oxygen, the doctor wants you to have clean air. It’s good to get the dust out of the air around you too.
  4. When you remodel. We said in a previous post that you should always clean after a remodel. Here’s why: All the contractors working on your home probably wore masks… They are advised to not breathe in gypsum dust, wood dust, tile dust. And now we are advising you not to breathe it in either. Once the remodel is done, call us and get the potentially dangerous dust particles out of your ducts before they end up in your lungs.

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Pet or Foster Pet Clean up – Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning


Pet or Foster Pet Clean Up

At Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning, we highly encourage people to adopt pets from shelters. Heck, most of the people who work here already have! But what happens to those pets in the mean time? Well, many are kept in cages at the shelter which is not only terrifying to them, but hard on their health. Pet or foster pet clean up is hard in a home, but even harder in shelters. This can lead to animals and people getting ill prior to the pets moving on to their future homes.

We encourage our clients and future clients to consider adopting or fostering. You might not think you have time. You might not think foster pet clean up is that easy. Or You might think it will be hard to let go when they find a furever home. But take a chance. At least you have us for the foster pet clean up!

A client of ours is a pet owner, a mother, and a foster parent. She also has a job and runs an online store. No, this is not wonder woman, but sure seems like it. Below are some pictures of her house and her last cleaning. As you can see, she had some serious areas of pet, child, and foster pet clean up that we needed to address. But no job is too big or too small for us.

So consider bringing a pet into your home permanently or even temporarily. We are here to help you keep your house clean and you happy. We just ask that you consider sharing that happiness with a dog or cat in need.

Thank you!

Midwest Crew

Call today about your pet stains or odors!

Here’s a link to the top rescues in St. Louis, MO. Please reach our and find out how you can help!

Cat Urine Removal by Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning

Cat Urine Removal by Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning

Cats are cute and are great pets. However, litterbox training them as kittens and sometimes even as adults can be difficult. And, cat urine is the worst to remove.


Cat urine is not only hard to get out of carpet but the carpet pad as well. In some cases if not treated right away, it can sink into your subfloor causing the smell of cat urine to live inside your home no matter what you do! cat-urine-in-wood

What can Midwest do about Cat Urine?

At Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning, we are able to extract the urine before it gets to the subfloor while we remove the pee without damaging your carpet or carpet pad. Our process is uses a piece of equipment called the claw. We place the claw over the stain and pump cleaner and scolding hot water through to flush the stain out.

Our cleaning agents are environmentally friendly so it will not be harmful for your pets to lay in the area after.

The only catch is some cat urine stains set further than others. At Midwest, we are happy to treat the stain again and again until you are happy with the outcome.

Thank you

Eric Frierdich

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Remodeling = Duct Cleaning

Why do you need to get your Ducts cleaned after Remodeling?Remodeling-In-St-Louis-MO

Are you remodeling your kitchen? Your bathroom? Finishing your basement? It’s time to get your ducts cleaned!

Just imagine when the contractors are sawing the studs and cutting into the drywall to make the walls… All of that saw dust and gypsum board is flying into the air. And what is the contractor wearing? A mask and safety glasses to keep from breathing it in or getting it in his eyes!

Then the contractor moves to the floor… Cutting tile. Mixing grout. Still wearing his protective gear. Sometimes even gloves because the chemicals in the grout are not okay to be left on the skin. Yet, they are left behind in your home to dry with very little ventilation. These chemicals are then sucked into your duct system and pumped around your home.

Then they paint, install cabinets, and multiple other tasks. All the while spewing chemicals and dust particles around your home.

Why should you get your ducts cleaned after remodeling?

It might seem that you should just stop the project, but let’s face it, you can’t leave your home stuck in the past. You have to tear down that wood panelling or wallpaper the couple before you put up. Remodeling with Masks in St. Louis MO

Instead, finish your project and call us. Having your ducts cleaned after your remodeling project helps to get this excess gypsum, wood particles, dust, etc. out of your duct work and out of your air. After all, if the contractor didn’t want to breathe it in, then why should you?

In addition to cleaning the particles out of your ductwork, we sanitize the entire system killing any of the allergens, bacteria, or chemicals still existing in your home. We want you to breathe the cleanest air possible!

Steps of Duct Cleaning after Remodeling:

  • We come in and evaluate your system.
  • Remove the vents and cold air returns and clean them.
  • Clean down into the system pushing the dust and dirt back into the trunkline.
  • Use the Rotobrush to clean out your trunkline back to the furnace.
  • Sanitize the entire system.
  • For an extra fee, we can clean your furnace coils and dryer vent too.

We use the top of the line Rotobrush system with a negative air machine hooked to it so the particles leave with us and do not stay in your home.

Call us to find out when we should come to help you finish your home remodeling project.

Thank you,

Eric Frierdich

Owner of Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning

618-910-8376 or 314-594-1405

How do you remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet?


Red Wine Stains after Mother’s Day?


That’s unfortunate. But when the family gets together, its supposed to be fun! Don’t be stressed about trying to get that stain out.. There are plenty of DIY ways to get that red wine out. Here’s an example:
With a white cloth, try and blot as much of the red wine stain as you can. The more you soak up, the less you’ll have to remove.
After you finish blotting, pour a bit of cold water directly onto the wine stain. During this helps dilute what remains of the stain, making blotting a bit easier. Continue blotting until you find that no more of the stain will come out.
Now prepare a baking soda paste by mixing a three to one ratio of water to baking soda and applying it to the affected area. Once the paste is dry, vacuum the stain.

Why won’t this DIY solution work?

Well, it might for your top stain, but it doesn’t extract what is in the pad below the carpet. The carpet might be looking great, but the next wetness that hits this carpet, wine will return. Red is the hardest stain to get out. The pink remains for years!

Secondly, the baking soda paste could bleach your carpet. Ever notice how sometimes you clean up a stain and that spot is lighter than the other carpet around? That’s what some cleaners can do to carpet. It is important to only use natural or professional grade cleaners to get the stain out.

Calling us prevents Red Wine Stains from returning!

We use a combination of extraction, cleaning agents, heat and cold to remove that stain. We treat each stain for their specific need. We then test to see if the red is going to resurface before we leave.

Call for a free estimate. We walk you through our process and let you decide to let us clean it or to take the plunge on your own.

From all of us at Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleanings to you,


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Dog smell in your carpet?


Dog smell could be absorbing into your carpets.

Having pets can be hard on house cleaning in general, but especially on your carpets. You see, pets love to lay on your carpet. And wouldn’t you? Laying on the hardwood floor is not comfortable for you, and it isn’t for your pet either. Thinking in your mind right now, you probably know their favorite spot. Now, if you think of the room that smells the most like dog and gets the most dusty, it’s probably that room. Here’s why…

Your dog most likely goes outside for bathroom breaks. During that time, they roll around and get all dirty and grass covered. They shake off and come back inside when they are done. Like us humans, their hair and skin absorbs smell. Except, they have A LOT more hair than us. And all of that hair then comes in and lays on your carpet which is fabric and porous. So the smell is then transferred from them to the carpet. And the dirt they brought in is rubbed down into the floor. And within a few days, you start to just smell what your dog rolled in, and it seems as though all of the lysol in the world cannot get rid of the smell.

Dog Smell Solution?

Have those carpets cleaned regularly to prevent the build up in the carpet pad. Let’s get you on a schedule that fits your needs. More dogs equals more often. And the furrier the dog and/or the more time they spend time outside, you will probably need cleaning more often as well. However, most people this could just be seasonal or every six months.

Please do not ever buy those shakers with the pet odor reducers in them. They are horrible for your carpet. Those little flakes breed bugs. Yes, bugs. Those bugs then live in the carpet and then on your dog. And if you’re dog is like mine, those bugs then get everywhere in the house.

I do not ever recommend using a rented carpet cleaner, but if we diagnose your carpet to be more often than you can afford, we will advise you on how you can maintain the dog smell issue yourself.

Dog urine is even worse than dog smells.

Some of us have more trouble with potty training than others, but none-the-less, we have to be mindful of what happens to our carpets when our puppy or aging dog urinates on them. I have a dog now who is 14 and not doing so well medically. Holly was born with epilepsy and asthma. This poor dog was easy to potty train, but we always had dog-urine-extractionissues when she had a seizure or an asthma attack. And when a stranger walks in the room, carpet beware. She has a nervous bladder as well! As Holly has aged, her medical issues have worsened, and she has trouble with overnights in the house. My heart cannot leave her outside overnight to protect my carpet nor could I just give her away.

Regardless of why your dog is having bathroom issues, you need to have that professionally extracted. Why? When the dog potties on the rug, it gets down in the pad. The pad then breeds bacteria and creates all sorts of problems like mold and odors.

Dog urine Solution?

We recommend extraction as soon as we can get in there. We have a machine called the claw that we set on top of the stain and flush the urine out of the carpet and the pad. After we use the claw to pull the urine from the carpet and the pad, we go through and clean the carpet as we usually would to keep the fibers treated the same.

We recommend on your own to sop up the excess with a towel to prevent the urine from spreading. However, it is not advised to try treating it in any way on your own. However, you can use lysol to get rid of the dog smell until we can treat it.

Duct Cleaning St. Louis MO: Prevent Allergies!!


Duct Cleaning should be part of your allergy treatmentduct-cleaning-st-louis-mo

Do your vents look like this?

Or worse, this?


Get them cleaned!!

The first two pictures everything you are breathing in.. And in St. Louis, having allergies or sinus issues is rough enough. Many medical physicians are missing this one small thing that could help you live happier in your home. Shots, pills, antihistamines, etc. All kinds of chemicals to help you mask your symptoms.

Here’s 5 reasons getting your ducts cleaned should be part of your allergy treatment:

  1. There is a good chance the dirt in your vents is as old as your home.
  2. All of that dust and dirt is cycling through the air you are breathing.
  3. If the previous owners smoked or had pets, you are breathing that in too.
  4. Contaminated air is a big part of the green building certifications proposed by the USGBC. Science has linked poor air quality to not only your sniffles and puffy eyes but asthma and fatigue.
  5. We sanitize your ducts from top to bottom after cleaning killing the left over bacteria and allergens living in your ducts.

Duct Cleaning St. Louis MO: How does that work?

We come out and evaluate your system’s current situation. We walk you through the process and how it will specifically happen in your home. After that, we schedule your appointment with keeping in mind that the system has to be shut off while cleaning. The duct cleaning process is fairly intensive:

  1. We remove your vents. Clean those and the entry to the ductwork.
  2. We use a roto-brush extractor to bring the dirt out of the vents and into a contained vacuum. The way our equipment works, you don’t have to worry about excess dirt from cleaning flying all around your home.
  3. Push the remaining dust and dirt into the truckline.
  4. Clean the truckline all the way back to your furnace.
  5. Finish by sanitizing the entire system.

Additionally, we can clean your coils and your dryer vent at the same time as these are the number one cause of house fires.

Call to set up your free estimate today! 618-719-7741