Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

One of the local dealerships in the St. Louis area lets us come in and clean for them regularly. We certainly do appreciate that! Nevertheless, we need to brag about our work here…


Most people don’t notice their bathrooms at work. It’s rush in, do your business, and get out. But bathrooms can get pretty gross, especially on the floors. Janitors can only do so much with commercial cleaning supplies, so don’t think we are┬ápicking on them! It just takes expensive, well maintained equipment to get grout lines clean of the bacteria that floats around the bathrooms of commercial facilities.


So to the right you can see how the white floor was looking before we came in. Now this floor is cleaned regularly, but think of how much traffic a dealership bathroom gets… You have the car dealers who’s shoes have been hitting the pavement, the mechanics who have been standing in grease puddles all day, the families who could be stopping in after a soccer game. Who knows what’s all on that floor!



Here, you can see that using our equipment makes all of that stuff disappear. And look at those grout lines! They are gray again.

We can do this for your restaurant, dealership, wherever you work. We want to keep your place looking sharp to get more and more people in your door. You want to be known for having the cleanest spot around. And we want to be the ones keeping it that way.

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4 Reasons to hire Professional Cleaners

4 Reasons to hire Professional Cleaners

Safer Cleaning Agents

Professional Cleaners are not necessarily concerned with the cost of the cleaner. We are not willing to buy the cheaper brand and sacrifice our safety or yours. We only buy the ones that work and that are safe for the environment.

More Powerful Equipment

Professional Cleaners use equipment that works hard to get the stains out. We use a tractor-mount engine that provides much much more horsepower than your normal brook or sweeper.


When you use a rented carpet cleaner, the carpet is left wet. Professional Cleaners use fans to dry the carpet before we are even gone.

Further Reach

When we clean your ducts, we are able to reach way down into the system without taking it completely apart. Saving you time and money.

Midwest also does Tile and Grout!


foster-pet-clean-KITCHENMidwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning also cleans Tile & Grout!

Midwest started a few years back cleaning tile and grout – mainly in restaurants – making it look brand new! Tile and grout is a tough beast to master. I am sure you know from cleaning your own bathroom that the grout soaks in your soapy water as you scrub it. If you think about it, it’s soaking in all of the dirt you track in, urine splatters, throw up if someone misses, water out of the shower, on and on… If you have tile in your kitchen, that grout will have grease and grime and everything else down in it too!

Residential Tile and Grout

Just simply smearing water on the problem is not going to fix the bacteria growing in there. You definitely need to have a professional come in and clean the grout properly a few times a year depending on what has encountered your tile and grout. The more people in your house, the more often you need to have your tile and grout cleaned. Remember, you don’t see everything those kids and pets do!

Commercial Tile and Grout

Commercial facilities need their tile and grout cleaned way, WAY more than people with kids and pets. Especially those who serve food. Food spills lead to bacteria which lead to other critters and people getting sick. Which after several cases, could cause the health department to close your facility. Even those who do not serve food… Anywhere with a public restroom needs to look at their walls versus looking at their floor. If you look at the wall, the grout is probably a white or light gray. If you look at the floor, its likely a dark black color. There is no amount of mopping with that big yellow mop bucket that is going to change that. You are going to have to get someone in their with a rotary brush and special cleaning agents to revive that color.

Tile and Grout Repair

Midwest not only brings your tile and grout back to life, but can repair the grout while we are at it. After years of running a mop across it the grout starts to give up. You have to have it refilled in and we are capable of matching the original color.

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Eric Frierdich, Owner