Coronavirus in Your Ducts?!

coronavirus in your ducts

Just kidding. But I got your attention. And you got mine this weekend at the St. Louis Homeshow. 

“What is the difference between how you clean ducts and how like a Stanley Steamer cleans ducts?”

If we heard this question once, we heard it 100 times between Thursday and Sunday. The difference is that your companies who are shooting you a price lower than $300 are typically just trying to get their foot in the door. They are either going to: 

  1. Up sale you on an air filtration system.
  2. Up sale you on sanitizer.
  3. Not clean the entire system. 
  4. Do a horrible job. 

In fact, we love number 4. Usually they do a horrible job, and we come in and do it right. The crappy part is you end up paying us both. So lesson one, read reviews and realize a duct job generally takes 3 or more hours to complete with 2 guys. Meaning if they make $15 an hour, the company is paying $90 just to pay the team before overhead and they can just forget about any profit. See where we are going with this? I thought so. 

“What is the difference between having you guys do it and an HVAC technician?”

Have you had your furnace fixed lately? A/C? These guys charge a lot per hour so a 3 hour duct cleaning out of them could be anywhere from $300-$900! 

And why would they waste their valuable skill set on wiping down your air ducts? Some don’t. Some call companies like ours that are specialized and have great reviews/before and after photos to come in and do it for them. Meaning they charge you an arm and a leg – sometimes in the upwards of thousands – and pay us our normal rate we would charge you with a bit of a finder’s fee for themselves. 

Lesson two, if it sounds like a lot… It probably is.

“But you said Coronavirus!”

I did. And not only to get your attention. Bacteria, allergens, etc. live in your duct work. These things can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to the flu, the coronavirus, and all sorts of other issues. So when all of these illnesses and stuff are floating around, it’s a great time to get your ducts cleaned! 

PSA: Wash your hands always and keep good hygiene. But this also helps ward off diseases. You knew that though because you are smart!

“When do I need to get my ducts cleaned?”

Did you just move in? Do it.

About to have a baby? Do it.

Getting ready to sell? Do it. 

Never had it done? Do it. 

Animals or kids? Do it.

Your house was built yesterday? Good, start with a fresh system as well. 

We find things in vents from cheerios to soda cans to receipts on down the line. And sometimes in brand new houses! It never hurts to do a system flush on your body, so think of this as a system flush for your home. You will breathe easier. You will feel cleaner. You will be starting with a clean slate. And guess what? You only need to see us every 5-7 years after that.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is we clean your system start to finish with before and after pictures to show you the difference between what you were breathing before and what you are going to be breathing when we leave. You always hear “the proof is in the pudding.” Well my friends, the difference is in your ducts. 

Give us a chance! Mention this blog for $50 off your FIRST duct cleaning. 

Talk at you next week, 

Team Midwest

Happy #2020!!!

“Another year over, and a new one just begun!”

John Winston Lennon / Yoko Ono

Welcome back, Friends!

Happy to kick off the start of the year with our first blog of 2020! We are so happy to be back at it and looking forward to another year with you all and maybe to meet a few of your friends too.

Midwest is Offering New Services in 2020.

We have started some advancing into other fields, and this year we are making a lot of changes! Of course, we will still be offering #CarpetCleaning and #DuctCleaning, but we have other services as well… Here’s a list!

So stay current with us… We have many other opportunities in store! (Including a gift card store!)

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Also we post some helpful things like this one here. This calendar has 30 days of tasks to do to start the year off fresh!

4 Reasons to hire Professional Cleaners

4 Reasons to hire Professional Cleaners

Safer Cleaning Agents

Professional Cleaners are not necessarily concerned with the cost of the cleaner. We are not willing to buy the cheaper brand and sacrifice our safety or yours. We only buy the ones that work and that are safe for the environment.

More Powerful Equipment

Professional Cleaners use equipment that works hard to get the stains out. We use a tractor-mount engine that provides much much more horsepower than your normal brook or sweeper.


When you use a rented carpet cleaner, the carpet is left wet. Professional Cleaners use fans to dry the carpet before we are even gone.

Further Reach

When we clean your ducts, we are able to reach way down into the system without taking it completely apart. Saving you time and money.

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Coupons and Specials

Of course, our estimates are always given to meet your needs and to fit your budget. However, wouldn’t it be nice to see what our specials are ahead of time?

Now until the end of July we are doing carpet cleaning deals, but we are also combining those with duct and tile cleanings also. Even outdoor cleaning! How is your siding looking today?

Remodeling = Duct Cleaning

Why do you need to get your Ducts cleaned after Remodeling?Remodeling-In-St-Louis-MO

Are you remodeling your kitchen? Your bathroom? Finishing your basement? It’s time to get your ducts cleaned!

Just imagine when the contractors are sawing the studs and cutting into the drywall to make the walls… All of that saw dust and gypsum board is flying into the air. And what is the contractor wearing? A mask and safety glasses to keep from breathing it in or getting it in his eyes!

Then the contractor moves to the floor… Cutting tile. Mixing grout. Still wearing his protective gear. Sometimes even gloves because the chemicals in the grout are not okay to be left on the skin. Yet, they are left behind in your home to dry with very little ventilation. These chemicals are then sucked into your duct system and pumped around your home.

Then they paint, install cabinets, and multiple other tasks. All the while spewing chemicals and dust particles around your home.

Why should you get your ducts cleaned after remodeling?

It might seem that you should just stop the project, but let’s face it, you can’t leave your home stuck in the past. You have to tear down that wood panelling or wallpaper the couple before you put up. Remodeling with Masks in St. Louis MO

Instead, finish your project and call us. Having your ducts cleaned after your remodeling project helps to get this excess gypsum, wood particles, dust, etc. out of your duct work and out of your air. After all, if the contractor didn’t want to breathe it in, then why should you?

In addition to cleaning the particles out of your ductwork, we sanitize the entire system killing any of the allergens, bacteria, or chemicals still existing in your home. We want you to breathe the cleanest air possible!

Steps of Duct Cleaning after Remodeling:

  • We come in and evaluate your system.
  • Remove the vents and cold air returns and clean them.
  • Clean down into the system pushing the dust and dirt back into the trunkline.
  • Use the Rotobrush to clean out your trunkline back to the furnace.
  • Sanitize the entire system.
  • For an extra fee, we can clean your furnace coils and dryer vent too.

We use the top of the line Rotobrush system with a negative air machine hooked to it so the particles leave with us and do not stay in your home.

Call us to find out when we should come to help you finish your home remodeling project.

Thank you,

Eric Frierdich

Owner of Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning

618-910-8376 or 314-594-1405

Duct Cleaning St. Louis MO: Prevent Allergies!!


Duct Cleaning should be part of your allergy treatmentduct-cleaning-st-louis-mo

Do your vents look like this?

Or worse, this?


Get them cleaned!!

The first two pictures everything you are breathing in.. And in St. Louis, having allergies or sinus issues is rough enough. Many medical physicians are missing this one small thing that could help you live happier in your home. Shots, pills, antihistamines, etc. All kinds of chemicals to help you mask your symptoms.

Here’s 5 reasons getting your ducts cleaned should be part of your allergy treatment:

  1. There is a good chance the dirt in your vents is as old as your home.
  2. All of that dust and dirt is cycling through the air you are breathing.
  3. If the previous owners smoked or had pets, you are breathing that in too.
  4. Contaminated air is a big part of the green building certifications proposed by the USGBC. Science has linked poor air quality to not only your sniffles and puffy eyes but asthma and fatigue.
  5. We sanitize your ducts from top to bottom after cleaning killing the left over bacteria and allergens living in your ducts.

Duct Cleaning St. Louis MO: How does that work?

We come out and evaluate your system’s current situation. We walk you through the process and how it will specifically happen in your home. After that, we schedule your appointment with keeping in mind that the system has to be shut off while cleaning. The duct cleaning process is fairly intensive:

  1. We remove your vents. Clean those and the entry to the ductwork.
  2. We use a roto-brush extractor to bring the dirt out of the vents and into a contained vacuum. The way our equipment works, you don’t have to worry about excess dirt from cleaning flying all around your home.
  3. Push the remaining dust and dirt into the truckline.
  4. Clean the truckline all the way back to your furnace.
  5. Finish by sanitizing the entire system.

Additionally, we can clean your coils and your dryer vent at the same time as these are the number one cause of house fires.

Call to set up your free estimate today! 618-719-7741