Midwest offers Water Extraction

Water Extraction

The strange things happening in the solar system took us from a steamy stagnant heat to this cool down pour. This rain is supposed to keep coming until late this afternoon into the early evening. So please drive safe out there and remember one thing… We do water extraction!

Water Extraction is a tricky job.

Water Extraction
Water Extraction

For a lot of people this is a one time issue. Water gets into the basement because the gutters are not the cleanest or drainage in the water was mislead. However, for some this is a chronic problem. Rock basements are the absolute worst for letting water in, but this happens with all types of basements. So what can we do to help you?

We have been doing water extraction for years with a sister company, Disaster Restoration Pros. We come in and use a tool called the claw that pulls water out of your carpet and pumps it into a tank. Therefore, the water does not go back to your yard. It goes with us and is then routed to the nearest storm drain to prevent re-flooding your home. Additionally, we use fans to dry the carpet. Some companies pull out the water, but leave the carpet and pad damp which causes mold and mildew to grow in and beneath the flooring. We also come back and do mold testing to ensure that you are not going to have issues with mold in the future.

How can you prevent water in your home?

You can have your basement looked at by a waterproofing company. They will tell you how to treat the foundation or adjust the landscape to improve the dryness of your home. We have a few companies we reference if you are interested in this service. However, until then we suggest you keep all of your stored valuables in plastic totes versus cardboard. As for finished basements, you could purchase your own fan to run during the rain where the water is coming in, you could make sure you have a fully functioning sump pump, and/or treat the legs of furniture to not deteriorate with the incoming water.

If your basement floods tonight or you want to have your house tested for mold from previous flooding, please call! We are happy to come take a look at anything!



4 Reasons to hire Professional Cleaners

4 Reasons to hire Professional Cleaners

Safer Cleaning Agents

Professional Cleaners are not necessarily concerned with the cost of the cleaner. We are not willing to buy the cheaper brand and sacrifice our safety or yours. We only buy the ones that work and that are safe for the environment.

More Powerful Equipment

Professional Cleaners use equipment that works hard to get the stains out. We use a tractor-mount engine that provides much much more horsepower than your normal brook or sweeper.


When you use a rented carpet cleaner, the carpet is left wet. Professional Cleaners use fans to dry the carpet before we are even gone.

Further Reach

When we clean your ducts, we are able to reach way down into the system without taking it completely apart. Saving you time and money.

12 Steps of Great Carpet Cleaning


12_Steps_of_Great_Carpet_CleaningThere are 12 steps of Great Carpet Cleaning

  1. Pre-Inspection

    1. First of all, our technicians walk through your home with you, visually inspecting the carpet.
    2. They will listen to you concerns and identify potential permanent stains.
    3. At the end of the estimate, your technician will leave you with a summary of cost and your expected results.
  2. Furniture Moving

    1. Our regularly pricing includes moving sofas, chairs, tables, and smaller items.
    2. Traditionally, beds, dressers, and heavier pieces cost extra to move and sometimes are not necessary. Ask you consultant for their advice and potential cost.
  3. Commercial Pre-Vacuum

    1. We remove dry soil by thoroughly vacuuming with commercial powered vacuums.
  4. Pre-Spray

    1. We apply a preconditioning agent to soak and break down traffic area soil and general spots for a more thorough cleaning.
  5. Pre-Spot

    1. We pre-treat difficult spots  with special solutions to increase chances of removal.
    2. Be sure to tell your technician about red and pet stains
  6. Soil Extraction and Rinse.

    1. The carpet is then thoroughly cleaned and rinsed using a powerful truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning system without over wetting the carpet or leaving a sticky residue behind.
  7. Dry Pass

    1. After cleaning, we do a dry pass to remove any possible over spray from the process to promote a faster dry time.
    2. We also run fans on our smaller jobs to increase the drying time of your carpets.
  8. Post Spot

    1. Any spots or stains still remaining will get extra treatment with our many cleaning agents.
    2. For longer carpet life and fewer permanent stains, be sure to have a professional carpet protector applied to your carpet such as scotch-guard.
  9. Neutralize

    1. It is very important to balance the pH of the textile.
    2. Neutralizing helps eliminate re-soiling, makes the carpet feel soft and fresh, and it prepares the carpet for carpet protector.
  10. Post Groom

    1. Your carpet is groomed with a professional groomer so that the pile of your carpet is standing tall when we leave.
    2. Post grooming helps the carpet pile dry faster and in the right position.
  11. Speed Dry

    1. High velocity air movers are placed onto the carpet immediately after cleaning to promote faster drying.
    2. Carpets are virtually dry when we have finished.
  12. Post Cleaning Inspection

    1. Our technicians will walk through your home with you to point out the cleaning results to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your cleaning.

We clean carpet the RIGHT WAY!

We offer this professional service, and you should not want anything less. Anything less, you might as well vacuum it yourself and get a rug doctor! To read our post about rug doctors and their inefficiency, click here.

Call us for your free estimate!!

Pet or Foster Pet Clean up – Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning


Pet or Foster Pet Clean Up

At Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning, we highly encourage people to adopt pets from shelters. Heck, most of the people who work here already have! But what happens to those pets in the mean time? Well, many are kept in cages at the shelter which is not only terrifying to them, but hard on their health. Pet or foster pet clean up is hard in a home, but even harder in shelters. This can lead to animals and people getting ill prior to the pets moving on to their future homes.

We encourage our clients and future clients to consider adopting or fostering. You might not think you have time. You might not think foster pet clean up is that easy. Or You might think it will be hard to let go when they find a furever home. But take a chance. At least you have us for the foster pet clean up!

A client of ours is a pet owner, a mother, and a foster parent. She also has a job and runs an online store. No, this is not wonder woman, but sure seems like it. Below are some pictures of her house and her last cleaning. As you can see, she had some serious areas of pet, child, and foster pet clean up that we needed to address. But no job is too big or too small for us.

So consider bringing a pet into your home permanently or even temporarily. We are here to help you keep your house clean and you happy. We just ask that you consider sharing that happiness with a dog or cat in need.

Thank you!

Midwest Crew

Call today about your pet stains or odors!

Here’s a link to the top rescues in St. Louis, MO. Please reach our and find out how you can help!

Dog smell in your carpet?


Dog smell could be absorbing into your carpets.

Having pets can be hard on house cleaning in general, but especially on your carpets. You see, pets love to lay on your carpet. And wouldn’t you? Laying on the hardwood floor is not comfortable for you, and it isn’t for your pet either. Thinking in your mind right now, you probably know their favorite spot. Now, if you think of the room that smells the most like dog and gets the most dusty, it’s probably that room. Here’s why…

Your dog most likely goes outside for bathroom breaks. During that time, they roll around and get all dirty and grass covered. They shake off and come back inside when they are done. Like us humans, their hair and skin absorbs smell. Except, they have A LOT more hair than us. And all of that hair then comes in and lays on your carpet which is fabric and porous. So the smell is then transferred from them to the carpet. And the dirt they brought in is rubbed down into the floor. And within a few days, you start to just smell what your dog rolled in, and it seems as though all of the lysol in the world cannot get rid of the smell.

Dog Smell Solution?

Have those carpets cleaned regularly to prevent the build up in the carpet pad. Let’s get you on a schedule that fits your needs. More dogs equals more often. And the furrier the dog and/or the more time they spend time outside, you will probably need cleaning more often as well. However, most people this could just be seasonal or every six months.

Please do not ever buy those shakers with the pet odor reducers in them. They are horrible for your carpet. Those little flakes breed bugs. Yes, bugs. Those bugs then live in the carpet and then on your dog. And if you’re dog is like mine, those bugs then get everywhere in the house.

I do not ever recommend using a rented carpet cleaner, but if we diagnose your carpet to be more often than you can afford, we will advise you on how you can maintain the dog smell issue yourself.

Dog urine is even worse than dog smells.

Some of us have more trouble with potty training than others, but none-the-less, we have to be mindful of what happens to our carpets when our puppy or aging dog urinates on them. I have a dog now who is 14 and not doing so well medically. Holly was born with epilepsy and asthma. This poor dog was easy to potty train, but we always had dog-urine-extractionissues when she had a seizure or an asthma attack. And when a stranger walks in the room, carpet beware. She has a nervous bladder as well! As Holly has aged, her medical issues have worsened, and she has trouble with overnights in the house. My heart cannot leave her outside overnight to protect my carpet nor could I just give her away.

Regardless of why your dog is having bathroom issues, you need to have that professionally extracted. Why? When the dog potties on the rug, it gets down in the pad. The pad then breeds bacteria and creates all sorts of problems like mold and odors.

Dog urine Solution?

We recommend extraction as soon as we can get in there. We have a machine called the claw that we set on top of the stain and flush the urine out of the carpet and the pad. After we use the claw to pull the urine from the carpet and the pad, we go through and clean the carpet as we usually would to keep the fibers treated the same.

We recommend on your own to sop up the excess with a towel to prevent the urine from spreading. However, it is not advised to try treating it in any way on your own. However, you can use lysol to get rid of the dog smell until we can treat it.