Happy #2020!!!

“Another year over, and a new one just begun!”

John Winston Lennon / Yoko Ono

Welcome back, Friends!

Happy to kick off the start of the year with our first blog of 2020! We are so happy to be back at it and looking forward to another year with you all and maybe to meet a few of your friends too.

Midwest is Offering New Services in 2020.

We have started some advancing into other fields, and this year we are making a lot of changes! Of course, we will still be offering #CarpetCleaning and #DuctCleaning, but we have other services as well… Here’s a list!

So stay current with us… We have many other opportunities in store! (Including a gift card store!)

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We know we have some dedicated users of our services, but in 2020, we will be running some great online deals, renovating our website, finishing up a punch card app, and many many other good deals. So follow us on Facebook to stay up on the latest!

Also we post some helpful things like this one here. This calendar has 30 days of tasks to do to start the year off fresh!

Is Your Carpet Under Warranty?

Is Your Carpet Under Warranty?


Did you just recently purchase carpet? Did the salesman talk to you about a warranty? Did you READ the warranty? Part of a general carpet cleaning warranty is having your carpets professionally cared for. And not by a rug doctor or a run of the mill cleaner from a big box store. You have to have to use someone that is certified to clean professionally. We are able to do that for you!

Midwest and Carpet Warranties.

Midwest prides themselves on being the best. And part of being the best is having the proper education and understanding what sets us apart big companies like Sears and Woodard. What sets us apart is our technicians. Our technicians have gone through the proper training to know how to use the cleaning agents and equipment properly. Additionally, our techs have been trained to communicate the proper cleaning techniques to you, the customer.

Midwest wants to help you understand your carpet warranty and how to keep it whether you are a residential or commercial customer. Talk to a tech today about setting up the regular scheduled cleaning and getting proper documentation for your warranty.

After the Carpet Warranty…

In addition, we recommend that even after the warranty has expired, you maintain a proper cleaning schedule. This could be the difference between a rug that lasts for 5 years and one that lasts for 50 years. We clean some carpets that have been in commercial spaces for longer than you can imagine. We have multiple bowling alleys in the area that have had the same carpet for 50+ years, and it’s STILL looking brand new thanks to regular cleaning. If that can happen in a commercial space with that much oil, just think what we can do for the carpet in your home!

Are your Carpets Faded? Or are They just Dirty?

Are your Carpets Faded? Or are They just Dirty?

Dirty Carpet
We either own them or have been in them. There are tons of spaces that the carpet looks like it needs to be ripped out and replaced, but truth be told, it could just be dirty. Take this picture for example, this carpet looked like it has had the pattern literally stomped out. Have you priced replacing carpet of this quality? To be honest, I have not. But I have priced carpet for a single room in my home. Anywhere from $300-$500 for a 10×12 room! You could have 3 rooms cleaned for $192. Isn’t it worth a try?

Happy Fall Ya’ll! Time to get your ducts cleaned…


Happy Fall!

As we head into fall, we head indoors. The more time we spend indoors, the more we need fresh air pumped through our vents. Well, if your ducts look like this: dirty-trunkline-st-louis-moJust imagine how much of that is in your air?? Gross. Maybe those sniffles aren’t because of the mold in the air or the pollen collected on your windshield. Maybe.. Maybe its because of the dust your breathing in just sitting on the sofa watching Netflix. 😷

So how can Midwest go about giving you a “Happy Fall”? Well, call in and just ask!

We can take your dirty ducts and clean them up to get your system running great. Sending you through the fall festivals straight into winter holidays while minimizing your risk to colds along the way. Doesn’t that sound awesome? We think so too.

Hoping to talk to you soon,

Eric Frierdich

Owner of Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning


Have we already cleaned your ducts? We have other specials for a Happy Fall for you…

Leave us a review and tell others while its SO awesome to have us come out and clean those gross ducts out for you. Call in and tell Charlie that you left us a review, and we will schedule for a carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, etc. at a discounted rate!

4 Reasons to hire Professional Cleaners

4 Reasons to hire Professional Cleaners

Safer Cleaning Agents

Professional Cleaners are not necessarily concerned with the cost of the cleaner. We are not willing to buy the cheaper brand and sacrifice our safety or yours. We only buy the ones that work and that are safe for the environment.

More Powerful Equipment

Professional Cleaners use equipment that works hard to get the stains out. We use a tractor-mount engine that provides much much more horsepower than your normal brook or sweeper.


When you use a rented carpet cleaner, the carpet is left wet. Professional Cleaners use fans to dry the carpet before we are even gone.

Further Reach

When we clean your ducts, we are able to reach way down into the system without taking it completely apart. Saving you time and money.

Midwest Commercial Carpet Cleaning

 Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning is one of the tougher jobs for a business and for a carpet cleaner. Commercial carpets are always being walked on by muddy shoes, oily shoes, gummy shoes…  Everyone drops crumbs on them. And these things need cleaned OFTEN. Sadly you just can’t close up shop for a day and scrub them, and renting those do it yourself cleaners is a waste of time. So here is what we suggest, hire us! We have a lot of well known restaurants, bowling alleys, stores, etc. that we clean regularly. We even have car dealerships we clean on a weekly or monthly basis.

You’re best bet as a business owner is to get on a cleaning cycle with us or a cleaner like us. A cleaner who is knowledgeable about how to remove stains and keep bacteria from growing under your carpet and in the pad. We would love to come by and do a free estimate to determine the treatments needed and how often.

Instead of you staying extra to do it, let us come in and do it during your closed hours!!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning by Midwest Carpet & Duct Cleaning

The video above is one of our favorite clients. Just on the Illinois side of the river, in Columbia, IL, we clean the West Park Bowl. At one point in time, my parents owned this bowling alley, so I spent a lot of time growing up there. Since the business has changed hands, and I go back with my family to bowl or eat dinner. They have great music on the weekends and lots of other stuff going on. I am fortunate that they gave Midwest the opportunity to prove we are the best.

As you can see in the video, one of our technicians is sucking the dullness right out of the carpet. The dullness is caused by the oil from the lanes and the oil from the lanes is holding sand in the carpet as well. We do a lot to keep their carpet looking great, but the clean carpet has helped them with so many other things. For instance, the smell. The smell of the bowling alley stays fresh because of our help.

Before we ever started cleaning, the State banned smoking from inside restaurants. Since, our cleaning has helped rid the bowling alley of the tar, the smell, the smoke, etc. If you ever allowed smoking in your establishment we urge you to try carpet cleaning to help neutralize the smell. We will gladly help with some of the issues you might be having from the years of smoking in your facility as well.

Thank you, Eric Frierdich