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Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning Bellerive MO

As you know, Bellerive is piece of St. Louis, Missouri According to the 2010 census, there were 188 people residents in Bellerive, Missouri. With so many residents, we find it essential to provide a reliable, efficient carpet and duct cleaning company to maintain the cleanliness of your homes.

Duct Cleaning Fenton MO

Clean My Ducts!

Duct Cleaning Bellerive MO

Duct work is the second biggest concern in the health of your home and family. As we age, we develop asthma due to the toxins and dust floating in the controlled air of our homes. In fact, when our children are born the run an even higher risk of developing asthma because of the particles floating in our air.

We at Midwest want to maintain your ducts for you. We are aware that it is completely possible for a homeowner to take apart their duct work and clean the dust and collected pollutants out themselves. However, our cleaning system with the Rotobrush includes a sanitizer that kills the bacteria and mites that live in the dust and pollutants all the way to your trunk line, giving you fresher and cleaner air throughout your home. Keep in mind our Rotobrush reaches the duct work inside the walls that you cleaning by hand may not be able to reach. Plus saves you hours of work! 

For more information on how we clean ducts and the benefits of regular duct cleaning, please call us at 636-496-0035 or 618-910-8376 or email

Hardwood Floor Restoration Fenton MO

Fix My Hardwood!

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Bellerive MO

Another service we offer are hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing. We provide free estimates for all of our services. However, we found hardwoods could sometimes be repaired with just a good cleaning. So we make it a point to attempt our cleaning solution on the free estimate so you can see what the results could be if simply cleaned professionally. If a deep cleaning does not work, we have the tools to sand them down and make them brand new.

For more information on how we clean and restore hardwood, please call us at 636-496-0035 or 618-910-8376 or email

Carpet Cleaning Bel-Nor MO

Clean My Carpets!

Carpet Cleaning Bellerive MO

It is inevitable that all carpets and upholstery will get dirty over time. Carpet and rugs take a lot of abuse from children and pets playing. In a well populated area such as Bellerive, it is even more important to maintain these fabric fixtures due to the dust caused by traffic and industrial debris. So they have to be cleaned somehow! 

We are here to help. Our steam cleaners warm the water to 200+ degrees, killing all the little mites and bacteria that have found a home in your carpeting. An added benefit is our cleaning products are environmentally friendly or “green” in their composition, making them safe for your children and animals. 

For more information on how we clean carpets and the benefits of regular carpet cleaning, please call us at 636-496-0035 or 618-910-8376 or email

Tile and Grout Cleaning Fenton MO

Clean My Tile!

Tile and Grout Cleaning Bellerive MO

Tile and grout restoration is a new service we offer. We clean the tile with proper cleaning agents as well as repair the grout. Our portfolio offers a variety of color options for grout as well. So don’t be afraid we can’t match your current grout! We can work with almost any kind of stone work.. If you have marble, porcelain, granite, etc., we definitely have a solution for your cleaning needs!

Like our hardwood floor estimates, we do a demo on the spot so you can clearly see your future results!

For more information on how we clean tile and grout and the benefits of regular tile cleaning, please call us at 636-496-0035 or 618-910-8376 or email


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