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Full Fire & Water Emergencies Services and Restoration PLUS Mold Removal

in St. Louis MO and Southern Illinois

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Water Extraction

Water Extraction is as simple as it sounds… When a pipe bursts or a storm invades, we get the water out. We use pumps and a tool called “The Claw” to remove the water. The pumps pull majority of the water out, and the claw gets the rest out of the carpet and furniture.

Call us. We are a 24/7 service for all services, but we definitely want to get the standing water out before any damage. Invading water is terrible for your finishes and furniture, but can cause mold which is why we offer the next two services.

mold detection

Mold Detection

There are 5 steps to Mold Detection (Testing):

  • Assess the whole house for mold and the mold sources.
  • Take samples from the air and from the surface.
  • Send the samples to a lab for verification.
  • Share and explain the results to you.
  • Fix the problem by removing the mold and the mold sources.

negative air machine mold removal

Mold Remediation

Mold Removal, Remediation, Abatement, Mitigation – blah, blah, blah it’s all the same. Get the mold out of your home! We are able to do that for you, and are actually preferred by some insurance companies. Here’s our 5 basic principles of Mold Remediation:

  • Safety. Protect you and protect us. Everyone in the home should be wearing masks while we work. We also use a negative air machine to keep the mold from moving around as we pull it out of your home.
  • Assessment. Assess before. Assess during. Assess after.
  • Contamination Control. The negative air machine does this for us! It keeps the spores from going somewhere new.
  • Source Removal. If you don’t take out the source, your problem will return.
  • Moisture Removal. Moisture creates sources which creates mold. We want these gone too.

When dealing with insurances, we were taught exactly how to document for their standards and use their computer system Xactimate. Documentation is key to reimbursement. So if you are dealing with insurance, let us know who so we can develop a relationship with the agent for a better, more relaxed job for you.
No need to tear apart the whole house. We just need to work in the areas where the mold exists. Afterwards, we strongly advise that you get your ducts cleaned as we do with any big home renovation job!


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